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Full Version: Parts we are working on
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(2019-09-25, 9:33)Gerald Lasser Wrote: [ -> ]Where shall I put the Origin?

Top Clip as there is no stud as a reference...
Yeah, top clip. Bottom bar would make some sense too, but top clip looks better as this part is supposed to be articulated there.
I am working on that huge piece of a panel (?)

Naming suggestions are welcome :-)

something 6 x 8 x 12 with chamfered corners and Arched Window cutout?
Aftersome hiatus, I took up the patterns of the Mandalorian Helmets, Part 87610

That's the status right now, I got pitcures now from most of them, except #5 and #8 I would like to have a top down as well, which I cannot find.

I subfiled the Helmet further to maximise the re-usability.

(2019-10-08, 15:15)Gerald Lasser Wrote: [ -> ]I subfiled the Helmet further to maximise the re-usability.

Yes, I remember sorting this to ease the pattern creation.
Now prepping for upload...
(2019-10-14, 19:27)Gerald Lasser Wrote: [ -> ]Now prepping for upload...

Started working on 46891 bucket... this big baby is a tough one!
Soon on PT! Phew... Tongue
I can already see from this picture that there are tons of T-Junk, rounding errors, concave and coplanar quads, bowties, wrong BFC syntax, keyword-lenght, wrong category, wrong origin and orientation, missing blanks in the description ... I'm sure the 0 at the end is a copy'n'paste error.

I try to finish the last sticker for set 8858.
But I have no idea how to deal with the edges here. As this is more like a part, I tend to go for an exception of the sticker specs. and add the edges all around.
Any opinions on this?

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