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Full Version: Parts we are Working on - Part Deux
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(2021-06-04, 19:16)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: [ -> ]There's now a little red Corvette on my desk, and I can start working on the new Speed Champions dual moulded wheels.

Dual Moulded Speed Champion wheels? Did not expect such a thing in this series.
I got one of those Mickey Sets, there are also dual molded wheels in there... Not really a fan of this
I did it!



It took some time 'til I figured out the most convenient way to do the outside wall after finding out that the LDD data was of no use.

It was so close. It doesn't look right. The brake disc looks too small.



(2021-06-20, 20:04)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: [ -> ]Done!


Looking really great!
I'm working on the wings for the LOTR eagle 11467

I have the wings ready, 11777 and 11778, but there seams to be a mix-up between left and right at Bricklink and in LDD.
Brickset have only the design numbers, not the part number.
11777 = is right wing at Bricklink, but is left wing in LDD, but the name in LDD is "Eagle Wing Right". Very confusing.

Anyone have the wings and could check the numbers?

Here you see the right wing number, looks like 11777


Don't forget that the left wing is on the right when you look at the minifig face to face  Big Grin (and that right hand is the one with the thumb on the left!). More seriously, nothing to offer here...
Working on the new sperical 5 x 5 x 3.333 Quarter Dome

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