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Full Version: 1970's - legoland and hobby sets
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for good start OMR version of models by juraj3579 ...

Models by juraj3579, OMRized by me and published under CCAL v2 license with permission from author.
Quote:316 - Fire Fighter Ship [Legoland, 1978]

[Image: 316%20-%20Fire%20Fighter%20Ship.png]

316 - Fire Fighter Ship.mpd

Errors: missing stickers

390-2 - 1913 Cadillac [Hobby Set, 1975]

[Image: 390-2%20-%201913%20Cadillac.png]

390-2 - 1913 Cadillac.mpd

Errors: none

392 - Formula 1 [Hobby Set, 1975]

[Image: 392%20-%20Formula%201.png]

392 - Formula 1.mpd

Errors: none

395 - 1909 Rolls-Royce [Hobby Set, 1976]

[Image: 395%20-%201909%20Rolls-Royce.png]

395 - 1909 Rolls-Royce.mpd

Errors: none
Oh, no Thatcher Perkins my favourite Hobby Set?

396 - Thatcher Perkins

[attachment=3121] (OMR compliant)
Known errors: None
Done with: LDCad 1.6b