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Full Version: 1970's - LEGOland and hobby sets
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You might have a look on what I did on 364:


Thanks very much for improving the model!

I've written the !HISTORY line for update log.
Set: 1589 - Main Street
OMR Compliant: Yes
Known errors: Missing stickers, flexible rope
Done with: MLCad 3.51

As the flexible rope for crane has an important role for this set, I'd like to add it referring Willy and Jeremie's works.

Set: 1620-2 - Chocolate Factory
OMR Compliant: Yes
Known errors: Flexible rope
Done with: MLCad 3.51

[EDIT 2021-07-26] Added missing stickers, corrected minifig position (Thanks Jeremie for review)
Hi Takeshi,

Nice sets of that era! Will be perfect with your corresponding stickers when they become official parts Smile
I fixed a small glitch in 1589, at the back of the office ground floor (one 3665a and one 3660 were misplaced, and one 3005 had become a 3004; plus corrected the building steps).

Here's the fixed file:

Another point I noticed is the alternation of the transparent 3010's / 3622's on the right part of the bus stop. The instructions scans available on the net are not optimal, but apparently they should be in the 3010/3622 and 3622/3010 order alternately (which seems confirmed by the photo overviews of the set). I didn't change that though, not sure of what you'll decide

Known errors: None
Done with: LDCad 1.6d
Hint: Stickers are at the PT ready to be reviewed
Nice model, as always with you Willy Smile
It's only recently, and thanks to LDraw, that I discovered this first version of the Minifigs.
On this one I find it particularly cute the way scarves are represented !

Here is sets 648 and 690.

I personnaly had the 690 during my childhood. Ldraw made me discover its ancestor the 648 Smile



Thanks to Takeshi for the recently added parts - u454 slanted signpost and 1955 Shell Logo !

For the 690 I had to create the 8x22 baseplate (inlined), which from what I understood only existed for this specific set. I named it u568 (it was previously referenced as x568), is this correct ?

Files are OMR compliant, except for the fact they use the three unofficial parts below, currently in ACCN state on the Part Tracker:
  • u454p01.dat
  • u454p02.dat
  • 3004pt8.dat
Thanks for making nice use of part u454!

I recommend you to submit u568 into parts tracker.
It's a nice part.
(2021-05-18, 14:17)Takeshi Takahashi Wrote: [ -> ]I recommend you to submit u568 into parts tracker.
It's a nice part.
Yes, go for it!
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