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Full Version: Architecture Theme
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Since I didn't actually test the upload capability, here it goes. Note that this may or may not adhere to the OMR spec. I didn't check.

Edit 1 - Now OMR Spec compliant
Thank for sharing this.
Sadly all trees are placed 8 LDU too high.
Really? I rendered this at least 10 times testing out different settings and never noticed.

On a side note, I read through the OMR spec and I think it needs significant improvement...
They all look fine to me. I don't see any gaps. Did Orion update the file after your post?
Nope. I was at the airport so I took Mike's word for it.
Looks fine to me viewing with Bricksmith.B)
Looks fine to me as well.
2011 Architecture Series
Edited to make OMR Spec compliant
Nitpicking: tower should use light bluish gray (71), not old gray (7)...
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