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Yes, I did try identifont in the past - but was not SO convinced by the result. And often the best match font costs an arm... So I prefer to use font preview of some tools (here I used Corel Draw) to identify the best font already present on my system.
[Image: a0111809_4f56ee8fbddc0.jpg]

[Image: a0111809_4f56ee947ece6.jpg]

This is a new architecture, Sydney Opera House.

Enjoy Wink

Jude Wrote:Yeah, one of the first things I do when starting a new model is I check to see which greys were used via bricklink and/or Peeron. Then I check to make sure the greys in color-bar (in MLCad) are set correctly, so that I can use them (these are edit-able, if you didn't know).
No, I did not and did not find a way to do so. Could you explain?
If you right-click on one of the color squares in the color toolbar, the color selector opens, and you can choose the color assigned to this square.
It's one of the most useful 'secret' features of MLCAD I think. Was so excited when I had it pointed out to me Smile
Same thing here!
You're NOT reading my tutorials by heart?


Step 23:

Use the color dialog also to permanently change the default colors in the Color bar. You might substitute color 7 - Light_Gray with the nowadays used color 71 - Light_Bluish_Gray or replace rare colors like Salmon or Bright_green with transparent or chrome colors.
Right-clicking the color button you want to change will bring up the color dialog. Select a color as you would do for a part, okay-ing, MLCad will store the information in its settings.

Guilty as charged! that's what you get from biased reading. It rings a bell now, but I had completely forgotten.
Any other nuggets most people gloss over or don't even think might be possible?
Should be OMR compliant.
  • .ldr file format instead of .mpd
  • makes use of alias parts.

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