Re: LEGO Color Overview / Comparison / Charts

Re: LEGO Color Overview / Comparison / Charts
NCS - Natural Color System

With a "Color Wheel" - like decribed in the article from Niels Bugge - there is no chance to catch all the distinguishable colors. NCS defines a Color Space in the shape of a Double Cone with vertical axis
- Saturated Hues placed at the outermost circle of the double cone
- Achromatic Colors on the Rotation Axis of the Double Cone with White on the top cone tip and Black at the bottom cone tip
- Color Nuances inside the Double Cone space layered on triangle plane with the corners Hue - White - Black
Look at the incredible architecture of this Color System
Logic behind the System

Not only a theoretical system - in the Web-Shop you will find the NCS Album containing 1950 removable printed colors sheets, each unique color example three times in the format A6 ! Ok, unfortunately not payable for an AFOL who is using all his available money for Bricks ...

I know, this product does not solve any "plastic color problem" but it is a professional system with unique identification of a recognized color and it is worth keeping an eye on. I own a similar Album with 186 hand-colored removable samples. It was produced by Chromos Verlag (Dr. Aemilius Mueller) 1958 for Swiss schools, it's color identification code is less usable then the one of NCS but it is still amazing !

Hope you enjoy,

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