I could use a proverbial hand with a problem.

I could use a proverbial hand with a problem.
I've been working on a MOC creation in LDraw, and I've hit an annoying problem when it comes to creating assembly instructions for the model in LPub.

The model is an airliner. I have decided to have the attachment of it's engines and landing gear be the last steps. In the LDraw file, I put in a normal step followed by a rotation step to flip the model over (180 degrees relative on the "Z" axis) right before the addition of the parts that would be on the underside of the plane. I then put in an additional step followed by a rotation end step to end the rotation of the model. When viewing the model in LDraw's view mode, everything is fine. The model flips over, the engines and landing gear are shown, and then the model flips over again so it is upright.

In LPub though, the rotation end step seems to be being ignored. Although the rotation end step is clearly listed in the window that shows all commands, the last step represented graphically is the one where the engines and wheels are added with the model still displayed up-side-down. I don't really like having it displayed that way. I would prefer to have an additional step represented graphically showing the completed model as it should look right-side-up.

I've already tried two different methods to remedy this problem and neither has provided me with an outcome I am satisfied with. The first was to add an additional step after the rotation end step, and then put in one placeholder in a spot where it wouldn't be visible. This has resulted in a step showing with the placeholder piece shown in the parts list but not visible on the actual graphical representation of the model. The placeholder piece is not meant to be visible anyway and that would have been satisfactory, had it not been for the parts list associated with that particular step also being shown.

I next tried adding a meta command to hide the parts list associated with the final step. That removed the graphical representation of the placeholder piece with the final step, leaving the completed model shown right-side-up. But the placeholder piece is still shown in the Bill Of Materials. That is where I have hit a problem. Anyone know of either a way to have LPub display the results of a rotation end step or edit the BOM to only have it display certain pieces, all pieces except the placeholder for example?
Re: I could use a proverbial hand with a problem.
I also stumbled on this one, and found a solution: in the last step, simply add a BUFEXCHG STORE X, followed by a BUFEXCHG RETRIEVE X. You'll see the last step with proper orientation.
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