Importing .lxf files into Maya

Importing .lxf files into Maya
I recently downloaded a file, one of the Iron Man 3 sets (, in .lxf format. In the past I've been able to open .lxf files through a couple of different ways, either importing into Blender, or LDView, and saving as an .obj to open in Maya. And I can do that with this particular file just fine, most of the parts come through, except for the helmet, which is what I was really looking for. The helmet is two parts, and in LDD it looks fine, but no matter what program I open it up with, the helmet just doesn't appear. I've tried Blender, Bricksmith, LDView, even LeoCAD. I've updated my LDraw library...Is there any fix for this? Or any way to export that file with all the helemt intact? Or am I just out of luck?

I know I could just model the helmet myself in Maya, but if there's a way I could get the actual lego file, I'd be much happier.
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