Snack Bar

Snack Bar

Just started using the tools and the forum. Wanted to model my old Snack Bar (675) and have a nice 3D model of it Smile

Using MLCAD I could find the Snack Bar sign (part 676p01) but couldn't find:
- 973px3c01 Minifig Torso Chef with 6 Buttons, Short Red Neckerchief Pattern / White Arms / Yellow Hands
- 973pb69c01 Minifig Torso Town Blue V-Neck, Pockets and Buttons Pattern / Blue Arms / Yellow Hands
- 3008pb13 Brick 1 x 8 with Red 'SNACK BAR' Pattern
- 3004pb05 Brick 1 x 2 with Ice Cream Pattern

Does someone know if they exist or could be created? By the way, how easy is to create a new part .dat file? I would love creating those!

Re: Snack Bar
Welcome to the parts authors community!

The chef torso is available officially as 973p2a, see here

The ice cream brick is available as unofficial (in development) part here

The vest torso
and the "SNACK BAR" brick part
seem indeed to be missing as far as I can see.

Good starting points to seek for tutorials for parts authoring are IMHO

have fun!
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