New model workflow recommendations - new here

New model workflow recommendations - new here
Hello everyone I am new to this aspect of lego and for a very long time I've wanted to build something of my own MOC.
I have an architecture model I built in college that I would like to legolize.

The physical model I have is at a scale of 1/8"=1' and as I mentioned I would like to recreate it.
I have seen very larger and complex models which even the smallest details are modeled with bricks. I imagine that all custom lego project start with the creation of the smallest element and goes from there? or the most natural approach would also be to use the lego man as as element of scale?

I would appreciate some pointers from the pro builders.
Re: New model workflow recommendations - new here
Hi Cesar,

If you choose the minifig (lego man) for a scale you'll be looking at an end result of about 1:44 give or take quite a bit (between about 1:35 and 1:60).

For an architectural model at a free scale, I'd pick the detail that is least like LEGO and work out how to do that. That can give you a scale to work from. That's most likely to be a window or a flourish.

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