SR 3D Builder version

SR 3D Builder version
Here I'm to announce the latest new release of my application.
Official web site:

It takes by far much longer than what I expect, but it worth the waiting!!
Here is a pair of videos to show what I'm talking about:

A lot of fixes and some major addiction are available. Here is a list of changes.
Please read carefully for what pneumatic parts are currently supported. More to come...

- Drawbrickmode: Slope parts are only partially displayed
- Extra unuseful connection added to Axleholes
- Picking a brick can cause wrong group assignment
- A lot of Pneumatic parts fixed and technic parts cleanup
- Some unwanted parts keep sliding in animation
- Pin with bush was incorrectly managed causing wasting time in animation computation
- The ClearConsole button has no way to cancel the operation
- The Bump Mode option in Animation Console was not saved in model
- Application crashes when loading a model if it has a switch ring (part 6539) not connected to an control handle used in AnimationConsole
- Restoring group view in big models can cause crash when hovering with mouse over model
- Starting an animation AnimationConsole without starting a classic animation before causes nothing to happen or application crash
- Locked Block in Animation Console was not correctly loaded from a saved model
- In animation, all parallel translation keep moving together
- Resetting animations does not reset flexible parts
- If you try to save model in the application folder you can fall into an infinite loop
- Towbar steering has a little wrong movement when used with shock absorber
- Towbar steering could hanging when mixing steer and shock absorber
- Sloped shock absorber were not having correct slide length

- Major addiction: management of some pneumatic parts
. flexible tubes and air splitters
. switches (input from central and exit from lateral connections only)
. small, medium and big pump (not connected to motor)
. small pistons only
Pistons speed is still not correctly managed. Be patient...
- Hinge solve now can connect pneumatic pistons
- A marker showing where DrawBrickMode starts
- Alt + mouse wheel moves selection a whole brick up/down (24 instead of 8)
- Latest lDraw official update has been included
- Many technic parts addiction to Mirror List

- to easily connect a piston to engine cylinder do the following:
Enable Alternative UI (by pressing <U> key)
align piston to cylinder moving mouse and holding LMB pressed and then release it
correct orientation by pressing keys (you cannot click the pivot arrows while in UI) to rotate piston (don't mind if piston will move following your cursor)
hoove to the ball over the rod to connect the piston
Easyer to do than to explain. Try it!
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