Another WebGL Renderer

Another WebGL Renderer
So i'm also having a go at a WebGL LDraw editor.
Which you can try out here

I was going to update the LDraw editor i last worked on way back in 2004 The old discussion on GLIDE can be found here if you are curious.

Then i discovered WebGL. I figure the best way to make a multi-platform app these days is to make a web app.

Mine is a bit behind the renderer made by Nicola but im putting my rainy weekends into it.

Any feedback please let me know on the LDraw forums.
Re: Another WebGL Renderer
Looks also very promising ! Thanks for your hard work so far.

I tried an mpd content file, but only the first model is drawn, and the rest as "shadowed parts" (only the lines are build.)

I got a system error on that file first, because it containted a '<>' (it has been mine real address of course).

I hope this helps in further developing.

keep on.

Re: Another WebGL Renderer
I'm struggling to think of a reason why my code would load lines and nothing else. A colour i don't handle might do it...

Could you post the content of an mpd file that causes that problem here please?
Re: Another WebGL Renderer
It occured at the file attached.

Please note that I have corrected the entry of the emailaddress already.

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Re: Another WebGL Renderer
Yeah, this looks very good already, keep up the good work.
I think the WebGL approach is the most promising one in getting LDRAW parts or models
visualized on the various platforms. I still strongly prefer this solution over
writing OS-specific Android and iOS apps.
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