It was brought up elsewhere that charging for LDraw programs might bring the wrath of TLG down on us. I have my doubts. They have to enforce their trademarks always, as this is part of how trademarks work, but as MB etc. have proved the parts themselves are not trademarked. Furthermore the LDraw library would still be free, and it's the only thing that in any remote way might breach copyright.

However, while thinking about this I realised something more worrying. It is possibly that D1sney's lawyers might come after "iconic D1sney brands" (remember this now includes Star Wars) as represented on printed tiles and minifig components. Basically all the parts that aren't allowed outside their lines contain copyrighted designs (facial expressions, logos etc.) which we are reproducing. This is possibly in breach of copyright.

Do we have any lawyers here who could say something about this issue?

While it is "fanart" is probably not going to get stomped on. But you never know.


PS. Please use D1sney as I do in any responses to not make us a target of click-and-search law crap.
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