Selector, LDraw mesh selection tool

Selector, LDraw mesh selection tool
Here is my latest LDraw tools... it finds its roots in this Steffen post. I tried to add a few features to make it more useful and flexible Wink

[Image: sel1.jpg]

Selector utility allows to select surface elements by extending a key-colored surface to its neighbours. This expansion can stop on various criteria, meeting of an edge line or of a sharp enough angle, or extend to all connected elements. Edge lines or conditional lines enclosed or bordering selection can be selected too. The selection is done by changing color of elements to key color. Optionally, selection can be moved to the end of output LDraw file.
Re: Selector, LDraw mesh selection tool
Wow, Philo, just spotted this, cool!
I also have your 2 emails pending in my Inbox, sorry,
haven't looked at it yet... Pre-Christmas lack of time...
Re: Selector, LDraw mesh selection tool
It's impressive. This selector might be useful for my LDPartEditor project. I am going to take a look at the sourcecode and add this feature to the list of requirements! Smile
Re: Selector, LDraw mesh selection tool
Hey Philo,

thanks for sharing. The tool looks very useful. Unfortunately, I have not found the time yet to give it a try. But that will definitely happen.

Re: Selector, LDraw mesh selection tool, version 1.1
After using Selector for some time, I felt it could be improved... A new version (v1.1) is now available.
  • Now limits expansion to main-colored elements. -m option overrides this.
  • Don't select bordering edge lines if -b option is specified.
  • Return whole file (-d+) or only key-colored elements to uncolored state (-d)
See documentation for more details and usage tips...
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