New LeoCAD version

New LeoCAD version
Leonardo just announced a new LeoCAD version! As you can see, the BIG news is that this version can work directly with regular LDraw library. My own tests shows that on some machines, there maybe a speed penalty, as loading library may take a while at startup. Alternatively, you can also zip your LDraw folder (or directly use, it's much faster then.

The support of texmap is great too! (only planar projection)

Quote: I've uploaded a new version to the website, you can download it from
The biggest change is in the pieces library, it uses a new format and can optionally use the LDraw library directly. This will fix some rendering bugs that were noticeable on stickers, colored patterns and pieces with detailed geometry and also adds support to Joshua's texture mapping extension.

Version 0.79 (13/12/2012)
* Switched to a new library file format.
* Added support for texture mapped pieces.
* Added support for using the LDraw library directly.
* Load color config from ldconfig.ldr where the library is located.
* Save view layout between sessions.
* Allow the pieces search text box to auto-complete when entering piece numbers.
* Fixed errors on big endian computers.
* Zoom extents after loading a file.
Re: New LeoCAD version
This update has been updated:
Leonardo Zide Wrote:I've uploaded a new version to with bug fixes and feature requests from the past 2 months:
Improved camera rotation.
    Renamed default view positions.
    Added option to print Bill of Materials for a model.
    Added a small built-in parts library in case a real one is not available.
    Added export to Brick Link.
    Added option to display piece ID and select the piece color to the HTML exporter.
    Added drag and drop support from piece list on Linux.
    Added middle mouse button and mouse wheel support on Linux.
    Added camera rotate and zoom to the Minifig Wizard preview.
    Fixed 3ds export colors.
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