LPub runtime error Microsft visualC++ runtime library

LPub runtime error Microsft visualC++ runtime library
Help. I have the latest all in installer installed and running on win7 64. The instructions I have made and edited in lpub I saved the first time arround. Opened the file the following day to find some callout steps in strange places but easily fixed. The worst part is when you try to load up page 112 it gives me this message " Microsft Visual C++ Runtime library" then when you OK it LDview pops up a message "LDView has stopped working", then when you pass that error message it loads up page 112 without the main model but with all the page numbers and step numbers and callout etc. still on the page. So my question is what happen to my main model pic on the pages from 112 to the end?
Also why cant it generate the instructions to pdf?/and stop changing the structure of the pages?
I know its not the computer to lack of power and I have also reinstalled Microsoft visuals.

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