LDCad 1.1b (win+linux)

LDCad 1.1b (win+linux)
Hello all,

I've released another maintenance update for the 1.1 version of LDCad.

This release is mainly to improve support on pre 2.0 OpenGL implementations in regards with shading related crashes during LDCad startup. See also the 'known issues' section on the website if the improvements don't work for your particular driver/VGA.

You'll find the new version at


The 1.1 mascot screenshot for closure, enjoy:

[Image: 1-1-ForumScrShot.png]
Re: LDCad 1.1b (win+linux)
Hi. I'm new to LDraw, and I have only used this editor (on linux), but I can tell you it works perfectly for me, and it has nice features.

I've seen in another message that you are considering some implementation for flexible parts... please do! Another thing I'd like to have is some way of grouping pieces and easily rotate them around some custom axis. It seems MLCad has something like that, do you plan to add that to LDCad too?
Re: LDCad 1.1b (win+linux)
Thanks for the feedback,

I'm indeed planning grouping, probably in the version after the one with flexible parts. In the meantime you could still do what you need/want by mpd (submodel) usage or manually adding the parts to the selection, followed by adjusting the selection center (bottom button of the editing pin) before rotating.

Or if you want really 'weird' rotations you could use the rotation dialog instead of the editing pin to rotate the selection. With the dialog you can rotate around a manually entered vector or use a custom rotation matrix.
Re: LDCad 1.1b (win+linux)
1.1b 64bit works really well on my Ubuntu 12.04 rig, no issues at all. Thanks for the Linux development.
OS = Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (64bit)
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