LDCad 1.1a (win+linux)

LDCad 1.1a (win+linux)
Hello all,

I've released a maintenance update for the 1.1 version of LDCad.

Do note, an uninstall of a pre 1.1 version is highly recommended (windows only). It isn't necessary for an >= 1.1 beta 1 upgrade though.

This release features the first native 64 bit Linux version. Do note the 64bit version is some what untested. As a result it might be less stable then the 32 bit variant. If you got any issues please report them here or directly to me (contact info is on site).

I also noticed the 'out of the box' vga drivers for AMD cards might have issues rendering the edge lines correctly. This issue seems to be a specific oss driver bug because the software mesa and proprietary AMD driver render everything as it should be.

You'll find the new version at


a screenshort for closure, enjoy:

[Image: 1-1-ForumScrShot.png]
Re: LDCad 1.1a (win+linux)
I'm looking forward to having another at LDCad. Thanks for the update!

A small error on your website: the release date for v1.1a is set to 02 Septamber 2012
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