Parts Tracker authentication now fixed

Parts Tracker authentication now fixed
Access to the Parts Tracker Submit and Review functionality is now available for all users who previously had those permissions. Users who did not have an account here have been registered with their previous email address and real name. We believe that this software allowed us to load the encoded passwords from the old (PostNuke) database, but have not been able to test that. Users that were already registered here merely had the Parts Tracker permissions applied (passwords and email addresses were not changed).

When you attempt a Parts Tracker action that requires authentication, if you are not logged-in to this site you will be prompted to do so. For a period of transition, existing non-expiring PostNuke cookies will continue to be honoured, but this will be disabled after a few weeks.

I have contacted individually the few users who had registered here with different credentials to the previous site.

If you notice any problems, please post here.
Chris (LDraw Parts Library Admin)
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