New beta version of mklist

New beta version of mklist
Hi all,

In light of the recent discussion on 64 character limits I decided to see if I could write my own version that could shorten descriptions to unique 64 byte versions as an option. It turns out I could.

So then I added an extra feature, the ability to hide files from parts.lst based on their first character. So if you don't want colour shortcuts you can ignore them by using the description (once that's sorted).

Anyway, I've attached the source so if anyone wants to fiddle with it, and ideally try to break it. Download, rename to mklist.C and compile with no special options "$(CPP) mklist.C -o mklist.exe".

I've also compiled a version using mingw on Windows 7 but I don't know how portable it will be.


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Re: New beta version of mklist
I've made a google code page for it with a (hopefully) portable windows executable. Please give feedback and request features.

It has at least some of the features I can remember Steffen asking for recently (although I can't remember where that happened).

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