Happy Design Week

Happy Design Week
Hi Everyone. We started on eurobricks.com spreading the word about our idea of MinuteBot. But now we are much further than just spreading the word. We want to share the fun of building with the Base even before it is out, so we set up a design challenge. We call for all creative forces to join in the quest. To give a foretaste of the MinuteBot Base the last update was issued together with a set of 3 .dat files to use in LDraw (thanks to great deal of help we received through this forum). To prove it is not a commerial project everyone that submits a project, no matter how simple or advanced, is rewarded with a double up on the amount of Bases one pledged for. The challenge is for everyone, so please feel free to post and share the file with whoever interested.
Please see the details of the Happy Design Week and join in!
Get the file and share your design on http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/3780...sts/217507

Please spread the news.
[Image: designcomp.jpg]
Re: Happy Design Week
could you please rename your scenes from *.dat to *.ldr?
a *.dat file is supposed to contain a part (or shortcut),
whereas *.ldr and *.mpd files are intended to contain scenes (= assemblies of parts).
Re: Happy Design Week
See the first design to join the quest. It belongs to Paul, and it looks awesome!
[Image: NxtShotV2Onminutebase.jpg]

Take the files, and accept the challenge. Everyone is welcome to the Happy Design Week Smile

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.dat   Technic Baseplate 21 x 30.dat (Size: 1.56 KB / Downloads: 0)
.dat   side.dat (Size: 2.11 KB / Downloads: 0)
.dat   middle.dat (Size: 1.89 KB / Downloads: 0)
Re: Happy Design Week
I am not that super advanced in LDraw, always used other software, and I dont know if you could still seperate those files if they are put together in a scene file... Would appreciate your advice Smile
Re: Happy Design Week
Hello Dorota,

congratulations to your won pledge at

I've updated the LDRAW version of your 21 x 31 holes Technic Baseplate for you,
please see the attachment (please rename from .zip.txt to .zip).

The main file is Technic_Baseplate_21_x_31.dat, which uses the other files
which should be put into a subfolder named "s".
I designed the subfiles in a way which easily allows to model other Technic Baseplates (with different hole counts).

[Image: technic_baseplate_21_x_31.jpg]

- Steffen

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.txt   Technic Baseplates.zip.txt (Size: 494.39 KB / Downloads: 1)
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