LDraw at Brickworld Chicago 2012

LDraw at Brickworld Chicago 2012
Sadly the needs of the Navy have trumped my desire to attend this year. Please disregard this post.

I am officially representing LDraw Brickworld Chicago this year. As in past years I'm going to give my Intro to LDraw presentation but are there any other topics that you might like to see? Also, If you're attending let me know and if we have enough people I'll request a community roundtable discussion.

Also, I'm going to have an LDraw display for public day. I'd like to have some fresh renderings for use instead of rehashing the old MOTM/SOTM images.

Any other thoughts?
Re: LDraw at Brickworld Chicago 2012
You can check my Brickshelf account for nice (I hope they are nice) renderings in Pov ray. I would be glad if they can illustrate how Ldraw is a powerful tool to make plenty of things.

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