SR 3D Builder

SR 3D Builder
Hi everybody,

the new version of my application has been in the last few days.
It has many new features and is available from its official web site. This is a brief:
- Many fixes in Part Assembly management
- Connections are now a bit more stable across animations
- Auto snap functions does not work at position (0,0,0)
- Adding and removing controls after loading a model already having controls can cause animation crash
- Displacement Caddy is now resizing better at least when adding new parts

- Part patching functionality are now integrated in the standard version. Debug version of the application is
no longer necessary
- The quick search tabs for slopes and technic types have been deeply reorganized. Hope they are better...

- Management for Handle/Ring Mechanism (see video) in Animation console (actually limited to 2 rings for
each handle)
- Ability to combine and control more mechanism chains at once in the animation console
- Enhanced Hinge solver capabilities: now can change orientation of connection to make them coaxial or
inserting a single universal joint with correct orientation between connections (see video)
- Enhanced Hinge solver capabilities: selecting as first part a block with extend capabilities (like a Linear
Actuator extendible part) allows part extension and avoid rotating second selected block. Please note that
the extensible parts will extends with no limit, also outer of fixed part.

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