Help to "Scan Parts"

Help to "Scan Parts"
I have problems with that program will not update the "Part List" when I click "Scan Parts". Although I have downloaded everything that is available on the site.

Someone who can solve my problem?

Greetings Christian Maglekær
Re: Help to "Scan Parts"
I'd be glad to help as best I can, but I need more information about the issue.

What system are you on (pc/mac)?
What LDraw software are you using?
Where is the parts library installed?
Did you tell the software where the parts library is installed?
Could you please elaborate on what you mean by not "not updating the parts list." Were you trying to add new unofficial parts that you just downloaded and they didn't show up? Are there no parts at all and you were trying to have the software recognize the parts library?
Re: Help to "Scan Parts"
I'm using MLCAD 3.4 on a PC.

Parts Library are installed in the LDraw folder.

No, the software did not ask about the path to the library.

I downloaded both official and non official part. But it would seem that the software does not accept the unofficial parts.
I can remember from previous versions to LDraw be "told" where parts of the library was.
Re: Help to "Scan Parts"
Maybe you have bean placing them in the wrong files? I had that problem too, and it turned out that i have bean placing them in the wrong files. The "Parts" have to be placed in the "Parts" file, and the "Sub Parts" have to be place under the "S" file.

I hope this information helped!
sincerely: Elijah Horton
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