LDView & MLCAD share Parts List?

LDView & MLCAD share Parts List?
Hello Smile
As I'm new to this topic, i hope my questions aren't that stupid or obvious, but i did not find anything so far.
I used LDD to create a Model of my NXT device and now want it to open wit LDView and MLCad. I used the export function of LDD and opened it with LDView. As soon as I did that he started downloading parts ("trying do download part xy....") and rendered it almost perfect, with only one part missing.
But as I started MLCad he show some errors of missing parts, and some of the main parts where missing in the model (such as motor and sensors). I already used the "Search new Parts" button and tried to search the missing part files via windows search, no results.
No I'm wondering where and how LDview saves the Parts it has downloaded beforehand, they are oviously saved because it doesnt download them again when I open the next time. I know there is the unofficial parts list but im just confused by this behaviour and dont want to bring in files i obviously already have Smile
Anyone got an idea?
Thanks in Advance
Julian Schneider
Re: LDView & MLCAD share Parts List?
I believe if you download and install the updated MLCAD.ini file from here, and then uncommend the commented out lines in the [SCAN_ORDER] sub-section of the file, MLCAD will see the unofficial parts downloaded by LDView.
Re: LDView & MLCAD share Parts List?
Thanks for your help! I did use your file and uncommented:
3 = SHOW <LDRAWDIR>Unofficial\LSynth
4 = SHOW <LDRAWDIR>Unofficial\Parts
5 = HIDE <LDRAWDIR>Unofficial\P
6 = SHOW <LDRAWDIR>Unofficial\Helper
7 = SHOW <LDRAWDIR>Unofficial\Custom
Didnt help :/ The weirdest thing is that the file itself isnt located anywhere on the hard drive...
Re: LDView & MLCAD share Parts List?
Actually, it's Willy Tschager's file. I'm pretty sure the file needs to be stored in MLCad's install directory, which is in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86). Is that where you saved the file?

Note that the first instance of [SCAN_ORDER] in the file is commented out, and that entire section should be left commented out, since the real section is later in the file. In the real section, the first 3 lines in your quote are not commented out, but the remaining lines are. It's possible that if you have the [SCAN_ORDER] section in the file twice, MLCad will see the wrong one (or perhaps even neither one).
Re: LDView & MLCAD share Parts List?
Hello Travis
First of all I really aprecciate your help here Smile
Second I did replace the old file within the MLCad Directory (i saved a backup) and uncommented the second part (with the first part being and example), didnt change anything so far.
Thanks in Advance
Edit: I did download all the unofficial parts for now and it worked quite well, but im still wondering why MLcad cant use the files downloaded by LDview Smile
Re: LDView & MLCAD share Parts List?

please read:


I presume you haven't set any system variable for the <LDRAWDIR> variable. If you don't know what is it all about try substituting the variable with the full path:

3 = SHOW "C:\Program Files\LDraw\Unofficial\Parts"
4 = HIDE "C:\Program Files\LDraw\Unofficial\P"

taking care of the exact path where the LDraw folder is located in your 32 or 64 bit OS.

Hope this helps.

LEGO ergo sum
Re: LDView & MLCAD share Parts List?
In case Willy's post didn't make it obvious, make sure that LDView and MLCad are both using the same LDraw directory. If they aren't, you'll get the behaviour you're seeing.
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