Noob Question: What programs do you use?

Noob Question: What programs do you use?
Hello all. My name is Phil Peickert and I have been toying with MLCad off and on for years, and recently decided to make a hobby out of it. My favorite theme is Spyrius, and like Jude, I am interested in seeing the following parts added to the library:

3626bpx193 Minifig Head with Blue Headband, Red Hair and Eyebrows Pattern
3626bpx252 Minifig Head with Moustache Thin, Stubble and Sideburns Pattern
2446px14 Minifig Accessory Helmet Modern with Silver and Blue Vents Pattern
3039px32 Slope Brick 45 2 x 2 with Yellow Droid Outline on Screen Pattern
4346px15 Container Box 2 x 2 x 2 Door with Slot and Spyrius Pattern

To that end, I have begun experimenting with creating simple parts in MLCad and working my way up to being able to create more complex parts so that eventually I can try my hand at creating the above items myself and then having them vetted by the community. This brings me to my actual question. After much google searching and forum scanning, it seems that a lot of information on parts authoring is out of date. My question is what programs do you as experienced parts authors prefer for use on a Windows 7 (64 bit) platform?

Since most of these parts are detail intensive, I thought based on the online information I've found that Quad2dat would be the preferred method of starting, but I have seen that the program's website is no more. I have looked at LDPattern, LDraw Pattern Creator and Sticker Generator but wasn't sure which one would actually work better.

I appreciate any insight you might have. Thank you.
Re: Noob Question: What programs do you use?
Hello Philippe,

As for patterns, Ldraw Pattern Creator is probably the tool to use nowadays. I personnally use mostly Quad2dat because I'm accustomed to it. I you want to try it I can send it to you (send me an email,

For shape creation, I've created a few specialized tools, have a look here.
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