Complete Minifig handcuffs

Minifig handcuffs
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Is there a brave soul out there in the part-designer community that will try to model the minifig handcuffs?

[Image: x1876.1210221442.jpg]

I know that they aren't much use in building MOCs, but I really miss them when I build the official police-sets.
So if anyone is up for the challenge, I would very much appreciate it!

Peter Lind
Re: Minifig handcuffs
Should not be too hard to do...
Re: Minifig handcuffs
Here they are...
[Image: 61482.png]
Re: Minifig handcuffs
Amazing ...

I am impressed by the speed you guys posess. It takes me weeks and weeks to create a simple pattern - guess I just need to practice some more.

Thank you!
Re: Minifig handcuffs
Believe me, it took me a long time to become comfortable (and speedy) with LDraw modelling!
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