BETA tester searched

BETA tester searched
Hi all,
I am currently coding on my MPDCenter.
Aim is:
1) Open and Save MPD files.
2) Import DAT and LDR files.
3) Export DAT and LDR files including referenced files from within the MPD.
4) Delete DAT and LDR files from MPD.
5) Import DAT files if used from within the MPD that are not official.
6) Adding the License in a bunch to all files within the MPD.
7) If MPD filename is according to the current OMR Spec. keep the DAT and LDR files also conform to the OMR spec.

That sounds all simple, but in detail it is'nt.

I would be glad if there where some people that like to test it.
Written in Visual Basic Express 2008, so it might also run on Linux and MAC with MONO Enviroment (but this is not the first aim).

If you are interested in further developing this tool please leave your comment here.

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