How do I display Bills of Material better?

How do I display Bills of Material better?
Hello all,

I am in need of a way to generate BOMs for models I make. I have tried (in vain mostly) to use LPub3D, LDview, and Studio and none of them quite fit what I need. 

I make a lot of custom shaped hoses for detailing and use BrickArms parts and even use 3D printed parts for certain details. I can easily make LDraw files of them to use them in the instructions but when it comes time to make the BOM, I start having issues. 

LPub3D just seems to break but has a nice feature in that I can "replace" a part in the part list to show a different part like chains or cut hose. 

Studio doesnt display part name or number if its on an official LEGO part

LDView (via Peeron) doesnt display parts images if they do not exist in the data base of existing parts. 

Another use case is that I use a single color, Sand Purple, for all of the parts that can be "any color" and that also seems to break the peeron solution.

Does anyone have any suggestions? 

I had an idea to use the buildinginstructions.js to render whatever models I had but I dont know enough about js or web coding to make it work.
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