Void Crew Spaceship, first attempt at LeoCAD

Void Crew Spaceship, first attempt at LeoCAD
Hello LDRAW community, I'm a first timer here! Smile

During the recent holidays I started building Void Crew LEGO models just for entertainment purposes, but I quickly ran out of bricks the right color and size so I took the project online where I found LeoCAD!

The project became way more ambitious when I suddenly had access to unlimited legacy bricks, so I decided to build a version of the Metem Destroyer in Void Crew!

Scale wise it’s not really big enough for minifigures, but it was an interesting challenge to interpolate the design 😄 and there’s some silly choices in there, especially the airlock, which is a screen door brick I think 😄

Anyway, I just wanted to share the result here if anyone else is both a Void Crew and LEGO fan and want to keep building on the model I made. You should be able to use the .ldr I attached to the post, it is my first LeoCAD model though, so it's pretty messy ( 20 20 hindsight right ) - I'll do better next time!

Next phase: Figure out how LeoCAD records each step of the way, perhaps order the actual bricks and build it RL OR go big and create a version with interior that fits minifigures Big Grin

I hope y'all are having a great 2024 Smile



[Image: metemdestroyerdoneshot01.png?w=1088]

[Image: ingamedestroyer01.png.png?w=1024]

[Image: metemdestroyerdoneshot02.png?w=1024]

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