Pencil Toppers

Pencil Toppers

I just noticed these parts that could be useful:

[Image: bb1362a.png] [Image: bb1362b.png] [Image: Pencil-clip-2.jpg]

I think the clip can accept a small female CV joint as well as technic connectors, as well as some round thin system parts (apparently a 1x1 round brick is too big to fit in it.

It looks like its a dual moulded part, so the white bit is not removable , but its just a 2x2 plate.

Regards, Snipe
RE: Pencil Toppers
if anyone gets these parts, maybe also test the round 1L Technic Beams and both the new and old technic joiner round (75535 and 62462)...
Even if the parts are permanently glued, is the inside like the normal 2x2 plates?

The other parts from the newelementary review also look interesting. (like made for Lego printers / pen plotters)
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