duplo parts request

duplo parts request
Hello everyone,

I recently started using Leocad to make instructions for the hubelino-duplo marble run. My 5 year old som loves it. However we have some bricks in our collection which are not available here. It would be awesome if someone could make them. Since they look straightforward I hope they are easy to program. You would make my son very very happy!

Please let me know if you need anything else, I can make pictures if needed. Thank you very much!

Baseplate 8 x 16 (biobuddy)
Baseplate 16 x 32 (hubelino)

2x2 (unico, set hello kitty)
10 x 20 (unico, set hello kitty)

1 x 2 normal height, (2x height of plate) (hubelino)
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