PT Development Status Update

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PT Development Status Update
Here a quick status update regarding PT development:

Now that we've been using the new PT software for 2 updates, we've reached a point where I'm squashing less bugs and starting to add features. Thanks to all for the bug report and requests. This project would not have succeed with your input. 

There are still a few more features to restore and a few more bugs to squash. After that I'm going to take a pause in adding new feature and focus on cleaning up the codebase and implementing a robust test suite. This should cut down on the amount of times I inadvertently break functionality and it will potentially reveal some weaknesses in the code. This is hopefully reduce the occurrence of 500 errors by catching these issue before I push code to the live server.

Thanks again for all the feedback.
RE: PT Development Status Update
(2023-04-24, 14:52)Orion Pobursky Wrote: Thanks again for all the feedback.

Thank you for taking care of this , and I like the approach.
Close the feedback loop and we will continue to improve and move forward.
RE: PT Development Status Update
Again, thank you Orion for the hard work!
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