I've been designing a minifigure scale Venator-class Star Destroyer

I've been designing a minifigure scale Venator-class Star Destroyer
Apologies for the low quality of the majority of these pictures, trying to render the first one took six hours because of the size of just this one element.

For size reasons I wanted to build this originally at 1:30, however I had to "compromise" at 1:38, building it between minifigure width and minifigure height scales (which saves me 26 feet in overall length while still being sized to accommodate the "correct" amount of minifigures and vehicles)

the structure is currently 2 four foot square sections (including protrusions) which uses a combination of compressive loading columns and suspension loading technic pillars to hold itself together. The real-world design intent will have each four foot square mounted to a steel strut "cart" on casters so that each section can be rolled into and out of place as needed to get to the interiors, and to support the weight of each portion.

Statistics (for just the one section)

Dimensions: 129x125x129cm, 50.9x49.3x50.9in

Weights: 68.8kg, 151.7lbs

Part count: 31,604

Estimated costs: 13,481.16usd

[Image: AWQ6KwA.jpg]
Two 4' square sections mirrored together to create most of the "front" of the Venator so far.

[Image: 5fe4wYI.png]A rear view of the full assembly. The white in the middle is a solid wall with guiding lights for landing. You can see the compartment separator between the crew bunk and the next area in the upper left (the light and dark blue-ish grey areas). Above the crew bunk (where the lone clone trooper stands) is a maintenance access area to reach wiring, critical systems, and do door actuator repairs and maintenance.  In the bottom center-right you can see two of the Heavy Torpedo Tubes (aiming down), as well as their loading doors

[Image: uIS4LR9.png]
Here we see the (purely aesthetic) Door lift motors in blue, with "emergency generators" in yellow. the black screens on the emergency generators are a pair of huge working fans that spin, ostensibly to blow air for heat exchanging between the coolant lines (dark bluish grey)

[Image: Xcock5n.png]
Here we see the lower forward Tractor Beam Generator (white with the red ring) and the primary forward shield generator (large dark blue). Behind them is the crane gantry for moving machinery into and out of the lower engineering bay for overhaul maintenance. Behind them are two more emergency generators.

[Image: e5iB77z.png]
A cat-a-corner view of the same. You can see the upper Tractor Beam generator in the upper right. It's mounted to "lower" rails while the lower generator is mounted to gantry rails. Each has redundant backup generators in the event of battle damage or core output overload during battle.

[Image: DLskMLJ.png]
Here we see the functional mechanism to open the main overhead door. The blue is the scissor mechanism, below them is the worm gear  that does the actuation. On the far right (overlapping the blue) you can see the array of gears to move each worm gear as it reaches that length.

[Image: g7RLiqq.png]
Above the tractor beam bays, adjacent to the main launch canyon, is a soldier's bunk. There is a turbolift in the lower right that can rapidly take crew down into the tractor beam bays, and this bunk is intended for three shifts of the crews for these areas. As such, the total occupancy of this bunk is 82 men. Servicing 82 Clones are 40 refreshers and toilets

[Image: 7SYF4kK.png]
What a "launch" looks like, with my 1:30 scale V-wings and ARC-170 for scale. Even at 1:38 scale, the Venator is plenty large to launch them, with easily six feet of clearance on each side of the ARC's wings.

[Image: RxN4dwC.png]
Below the launch we can see the Forward defensive and flight controller station. Six clones direct incoming ships and operate the 4 turbolaser AA cannons against any incoming enemy starfighters

[Image: 9FaSGHP.png]
The four Heavy Torpedo Tubes open, with Heavy Plasma Torpedos loaded into their bays ready to fire.

As part of this planned build I've been designing minifigure width-scale (1:30) vehicles to fit inside it. In order we've got:


Dimensions: 71.4x48.5x14cm, 28.1x19.1x5.5in

Weights: 1.997kg, 4.4lbs

Parts count: 2660

Estimated costs: 486.73 usd

Planned complement: 36

[Image: s3brMc6.png]

[Image: SNY5Z4Y.png]

[Image: ndUnYdk.png]

[Image: G8hftuL.png]

[Image: zXQGNJ0.png]
The wings (should) open, though there may be some physics problems with the weight of the wings compared to the struts that mount them

Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing

Dimensions: 13x29.6x22.4cm, 5.2x11.7x8.8in

Weights: 0.44kg, 0.97lbs

Parts count: 584

Estimated Costs: 83.38 usd

Planned complement: 192

[Image: fsSckg0.png]

[Image: IXLbr2s.png]

[Image: lSmuJCT.png]

I really wanted to make the wings mount and move the way they do canonically...sadly this resulted in extra thicc wings. If anyone knows of a better way to do this while maintaining the slopes and positions necessary, I'm all ears.

BTL-B Y-wing Heavy Bomber

Dimensions: 38.9x73.5x12.6cm, 15.3x28.9x5in

Weights: 2.77kg, 6.1lbs

Parts count: 2397

Estimated Costs: 332.90 usd

Planned complement: 36

[Image: PFw9zYr.png]
The turret spins and tilts up and down too
[Image: iNj1gH5.png]
There's a door to hide the landing gear as well so it fits (mostly) flush
[Image: iQ0NB2Z.png]
Here we see the turret rotated to shoot at the camera


Dimensions: 33.1x57.6x23.8cm, 13x22.7x9.4in

Weights: 2.04kg, 4.50lbs

Parts count: 2491

Estimated Costs: 569.23 usd

Planned complement: 40

[Image: rw7IkyF.png]

[Image: u2C2fxk.png]
I'm very happy I managed to get the full canonical complement to sit where they're supposed to. Tho I had to move two of the up-front seats to the rear due to how the cockpit had to mount. There's even the "hallway" between the front and back, like in the cutaway design!

[Image: X4tmYXD.png]




Parts count:

Estimated Costs:

Planned complement: 40

by far the easiest one lol, just take the UCS set that's already 1:29.7 and remove the cargo hold.

[Image: PX5utOF.jpg]

[Image: EoL5DFy.jpg]

[Image: SytRt7d.jpg]

Still WIP


RE: minifig-scale Venator
Wow.  o_@  
You have clearly been putting a lot of passion into your project. Good luck, and I hope to see more progress as it develops. 

~ Franklin
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