Part 71603

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Part 71603
Since most of this discussion was off forum and between Joshua and me and everyone else and me, I'd like to write down the strategy I've envisioned
71603 is the number for the whole assembly therefore:

71603: The complete assembly with fins/prisms (u9248), center assembly (u9548c01), and battery cover (u9546)
u9548c01: The center assembly with top (u9548), bottom (u9547), electrics (u9577), screws (u9549 and u9576), and buttons (not yet modeled)

This leaves out u9547 and 71603c01 of which both can be deleted.

The battery cover can go in either 71603 or u9548c01 whatever the consensus is.
RE: Part 71603
Here's a review summary for all the parts:

I'd like to get this out in the July release.
RE: Part 71603
This part is now certified. Thanks to all for the work to get this almost 20 year old part off of the PT.
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