Set 8829 Dune Blaster - an angles solution

Set 8829 Dune Blaster - an angles solution
So in my rotation scripts thread, a question was posed by Max about a solution for the 8829 Dune Buggy angles.

"Surely that can't be too hard to work out", I thought. Wrong. But after much head scratching, here is an answer.

From this:
[Image: 400x305.png]

to this:
[Image: 400x319.png]

As text, just in case the pictures ever disappear:
Rotation #1 : -59.04724727
Rotation #2 : -24.96201002
Rotation #3 : 6.85530348
Rotation #4 : -41.87591725
Rotation #5 : 21.22480431

Max, please try it and let me know if if provides you with the desired answer.


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