Multiple parts' models missing, parts errors and parts needed

Multiple parts' models missing, parts errors and parts needed
Hi! I'm new member of this forum and registered especially for posting this thread. When I was preparing files in (earlier I worked on LDCad) for sets I own, I noticed that some parts are unavailable and there are no info about them in forum. These parts are:
for set 3544 (all parts can be seen at ):
- 43559, 44791, 44845, 44846, 44847, 44849, 44850, 44851, 71509, 45535a, 45535b, 45535c, upn0173;
for set 8568 ( ):
- 43559 (which also comes in 3544 mentioned earlier);
for set 42027 ( ):
- 56823c50 (there are other projects, but not in this dimension);
for set 8216 ( ):
- 3298pr0036;

Moreover, and I don't know if it is thing, but I also noticed it in LDCad, some parts have wrong part code in Bill of Materials. They use correct .dat file, but number generated by program is totally different. These parts are:
- 32126 from set 8236 (named 44), ,
- 3069bpr0101 from set 42116 (named 3070bpx19), ,
- 3070bpr0235 from set 42116 (named 3070bpb180), ,
- 59443 from sets 42004 and 42116 (named 6538c), ,
- 32123a from set 8217 (named 4265c), .

And I almost forgot to mention that part 78c03 has wrong length in all editors. It should be 3L, but in program it looks like 2,5L or smth. Picture added to the post. Link to part:

As an addition I ould like to say that some parts that you are working on are very important to me. I noticed they are ready, but they only need certicifcation to be official. I can use them as unofficials, but the part codes are not generated by unfortunately. All of them come from recent set 42116 and are fresh replacement for old parts of their kind:
- 42195, 42924, 44874, 65487, 65489.
Links to all those parts below on LDraw Parts Tracker:

Just curious, when do you expect to release another parts update? Last was like in 2020, am I right?

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