Rare pen minifigs

Rare pen minifigs

Once upon a time lego made some smaller scale minifigs that were inbetween that of a normal minifig and a microfig, but not as small as a nanofig
Unfortunatley they are very rare to get a hold of so I thought it would be cool if we can have as many as we want and in whatever colors we want, using LDRAW !.

Here is an image of such a minifig, one is sepetate and one is attached to the pen but both can be swapped out:
[Image: 81Si8FUei8L._AC_SL1500_.jpg]

head (this one is probably the simplest print)

There are a few other prints and maybe one or two more head accessories

A good way other than google images to find info on the dimentions and geometry of the parts is by searching things like:

Lego darth vader pen review: https://youtu.be/Tbuqm3VTyu0

And bricklink will tell you which pens said parts are in:


Regards, Snipe.
RE: "smallfigs" parts
Another good resource, I updated the topic title, as they seem to be the same scale as normal minifigs after all but the molds and prints are sligtly different, still, this should make it easier now as it smostly just about making prints, using normal torso/legs as a template and changing a few primatives to make it the correct moulds for the pen minifigs and making a couple of head accessories.
Only the hat, head, shoulders and hands can be articulated. The keyring is more of a jumbo scale minifig so ignore that, as well as the knock off brand minifig.

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