LDView Can't Export SVG Image from LDView Snapshot?

Can't Export SVG Image from LDView Snapshot?
Greetings all.
Anyone know a way to export an LDraw model render to SVG format? Converting a raster image to a vector after rendering the model can lead to misinterpretations from the converter (e.g. stains instead of lines, etc.) Well... You all know how converting raster to vector goes.
I'd like for the geometry of the model to accurately be interpreted by the SVG image, simply.
I notice SVG exports aren't possible in LDView, unless I'm missing on something(?) It seems as if the only options are PNG, BITMAP and JPEG.
If I'm right about this feature not being available in LDView, is there any other LDraw program that would allow this type of operation?

Thanks in advance for any help.

God bless.

G. D. Grant
RE: Can't Export SVG Image from LDView Snapshot?
Oh... Shouldn't have created a thread so fast...
I see it is possible, but apparently the render is very poor (as I can see from the example renders) and it creates huge files that are barely even openable with a web browser.
See links:
I see that a few people are proposing an LDraw > Wavefront OBJ > SVG chain conversion via Blender, but my PC doesn't have a GPU for now, so I can't even open Blender at the time. Additionally, I want the black line contours as is possible in LDView (also I really like the fact that transparent parts have respective coloured-line contours).
Any propositions?

Thank you.

G.D. Grant
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