Important Missing Parts

Important Missing Parts
New Obi Wan type Hood:

Goblin bald Ears

Bald Hair with long ears

Banners (probably best blank version so it can be customized)

Double Bun

Single ponytail bald short

Ponytail new:

elf type hair?
28709          Mini Doll Wig, NO. 6(in LDD)

Short elf hair

Various female hairpeices:


Ocean King hair

Plant Harry potter (would be good as a general blank piece)

Vine bendy

Thorns Bendy

Crossguard sword

Short curved blade



Katana with energy

Small Animal Arms

These Energy parts:

Energy Burst Clip:

Green Goblin Hat

Hood cowl with ears:

For further looking there are a lot of interesting hairs and hats not existing yet:

Also headgear accessories:
RE: Important Missing Parts
Also 67638 (Centaur piece for minifigure bodies)
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