Import part *from* Blender *to* LDraw

Import part *from* Blender *to* LDraw

A two part question: 

1) I've been modeling a part in Blender (the Lego gel pen) that I would like to convert LDraw so that I can use it in LDCad and LPub3D. Going the other direction (LDraw to Blender) is easy with the import extension for LDraw, but I haven't seen any discussion about the opposite workflow. Any suggestions of what to try? 

2) I'd be very happy if the work I'm doing on this part could contribute back to the LDraw library, if anyone would be interested to take what I've done and clean it up to meet the LDraw standard.

Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way and I should be authoring in LDraw to start with, but from what I can tell (or at least based on the skills I have), modeling in Blender is a lot easier. 


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