Just wanna say Hello (and one or two questions)

Just wanna say Hello (and one or two questions)
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i just wanted to say hello. Last weekend, i stumbled across your LDraw library and it´s viewer, and even more it´s export function, and it was quite fascinating. Especially that this allowed me to import your models into my 3D Program (an ancient Cinema 4D version) to render some pictures.
Ok, later i discovered, that the export function from LeoCAD (specifically it´s Wavefront .obj format) is more compatible with C4D in regards to how the objects get exported, but whatever.

So, as a welcome, here are some fast testrenders from some of your models:




Ok, some materials are still off, especially every transparent material gives me headaches and way different results than what i have seen in some of your POVRay images... but thats something, that i hopefully can figure out at some point.

And while i was at experimenting, since i got those models into C4D, it was also possible to send them to the Free for all Unreal Engine 4 Big Grin  (again, materials are far from perfect and it´s just the plain boring start scene without anything interesting). If you ever want make your own LEGO game, UE4 (soon UE5) might be worth taking a look:

Some questions if you don´t mind:

- Since i am tempted to make some more renders, or even a short clip with UE4, how exactly do you want get the credits inserted, and what exactly should those credits contain? I mean, it´s your LDraw library and tools, that made those renders possible.
- As mentioned, some colors are way off. Is there somewhere a kind of library, or info, how i can those colors closer to the originals? Or do you think, they are decent enough?

Have a nice day.
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