[LPub3D] Strange behavior with Unofficial and Custom Parts

[LPub3D] Strange behavior with Unofficial and Custom Parts
First off, has anyone heard from Trevor? I noticed that he hasnt been online in a few months. 

Secondly, I am having all sorts of trouble with the PLI and assembly images resolving correctly. 

I have a model created in Studio and saved as an LDR. I know that this used to be an issue for LPub3D but I had seen that Trevor had added this functionality at some point late last year. 

From there I use a LOT of custom parts in my trains. I have tried going back an using the portable versions for windows all the way back 2.3.10 and have had issues with each one. 

The cleanest example is that when I use 15335p03 it will show in the assembly but not the PLI. 

I am a bit lost and a bit frustrated. 

I have also made sure to follow the advice here for custom parts:

I have attached a screen shot of the step with 15335p03
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