Complete Clipper Sails

Clipper Sails

I want to make a modified Caribbean Clipper but I cannot find the sails Huh
It should be those 3 sails:
Cloth Sail 27 x 17 Top with Blue Thick Stripes Pattern, Cloth Sail 30 x 15 Bottom with Blue Thick Stripes Pattern  and Cloth Sail Triangular 15 x 22 with Blue Thick Stripes Pattern

images are here:

or here:
The same sails are also used for the Barracuda.

It would be great if someone can create them (maybe like the other sails that are looking like the wind is blowing them) as blank white sails, where I can change the colour of the stripes
RE: Clipper Sails
Philo created them as u9494p01, u9495p01 and u9496p01 (all official now)
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