New Official Library Part Number Spec and Updated Official Library Spec

New Official Library Part Number Spec and Updated Official Library Spec
As part of a larger effort to streamline and consolidate the rules for authoring parts, the Standard Board (LSB) has ratified an update to the document formerly known as "File Format Restrictions for the Official Library".

It's new name is " Official Parts Library Specifications" and can be found here:

While there is not much new in terms of actual rules, this is a complete rewrite of this document incorporating several different documents. Rules that have been adopted by the LSB but only documented here on the forums or in out of the way areas of the main site have been added or clarified. Additionally, there new rules for patterned part descriptions, patterned part !KEYWORDS, and sticker shortcuts.

A new specification has also be ratified: "Official Library Part Number Specification",
This document details the part numbering rules for the official library and, like the library spec, incorporates rules from several different sources.

It it our hope that these two documents, in addition to the "Official Library Header Specification", make it easier for parts authors to create parts for inclusion in the LDraw Official Library by locating the rules in one centralized place.

With the ratification of these two specs, several pages on the main site and Parts Tracker reference section have been retired and archived. Every effort has been made prevent accidental access to these pages. If you find an incorrect or broken link or you find yourself on a page that you think is out of date, please let the admin know so we can fix the problem.

Additionally, if you find minor administrative errors (spelling, grammar, formatting, etc...) in these documents (or anywhere else) please start a thread in the Website Discussion Forum.
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