Lua scripting

Lua scripting
This will, I hope, become a discussion for the topic of scripting in Lua programming language. Generally for sharing animations, macros, and the language itself.
There are a few specific conversations on this topic in various other places on the forum, and it would benefit everyone to have a more centralized board to share compare and learn from each other.

with the up-coming 1.7 update this should become a hot thread.

I'll start things off. There are sample scripts available from the scripts menu, and they are open-source, so you can read them and edit them. One of these is the "camera test" which led me to ask if there was a way to lead a camera in animation along a designated path through a model. A sort of walking tour which Roland made for us to play with" ".
RE: Lua scripting
A little about the camera, without going into Lua scripting. To start with, in editing mode THERE IS NO FIRST PERSON CAMERA. in fact the camera doesn't even move, instead all the moving is done by rotating, tilting, and zooming the space. its a bit like that Futurama scene "Actually the ship doesn't go anywhere, we instead move the universe around it."

However, if you want to look at part of your model from any sort of first person perspective, there is a way. If you select a point within your model and zoom all the way in (mouse scroll wheel) until it stops getting closer, the camera will be at what i believe is its true location. Meaning now the camera's motion will not be orbiting around the focus point but right at that spot. it will be as if you were there, turning your head to look around.
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