60674 (Trolls' Mountain Fortress)

60674 (Trolls' Mountain Fortress)
Hi everyone!

I see 60674 does not exist yet on LDraw. Is someone interested in creating this part? I did turn the side view photos left on its axis.


[Image: KJU4Wfm.jpg]

[Image: 1zNFrJh.jpg]

[Image: skLVl4E.jpg]

[Image: zlysCSW.jpg]

[Image: 1bBolBU.jpg]

[Image: gS1IDvD.jpg]

If there are any questions, ask me. 
RE: 60674 (Trolls' Mountain Fortress)
the raw part canbe found at digital-bricks.

needs soem treatment: www.digital-bricks.de/en/file.php?part=60674
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