program for set and part administration

program for set and part administration
Hi all,

I don't know which program to use to administer my sets and the parts in those sets as well as my loose parts. I searched the web and the forum, but I'm sure I did something wrong: I couldn't find something convincing. So I'm thinking of extending LDInspector to treat several PBG-files as one big list with annotations (like owner, price, whatever). This could be done by extending LDCads part bin concept to remember part owner and other annotations (which would result in multiple different lines for same part but different annotation). I don't want to re-invent the wheel if there is a good program that you could recommend. If there is no such program - would you consider such a program or an integration into LDInspector to be useful?

  • Household with about seven Wink people playing with bricks.
  • No concerns to upload all this data to Rebrickable.
  • Get filterable lists for: sets, parts in those sets, spare parts (partly possible with LDInspector)
  • Do basic maths about parts for built and planned models (partly possible with LDInspector)
  • Mixed bags of bricks with known set numbers => get a list of all parts in one or more sets (possible with LDInspector).
  • Missing and relicted bricks => do inverse search to get set number from part (not possible at the moment with LDInspector).
Thanks in advance
RE: program for set and part administration
Rebickable does most, if not all, of the features you mention. And it'll import LDR or CSV files for MOCs and loose parts. Part of the reason why I'm trying to sync our libraries as much as possible (I've submitted almost 400 entries since I started the project)
RE: program for set and part administration
(2020-05-09, 18:30)Orion Pobursky Wrote: Rebickable does most, if not all, of the features you mention.
Hmm, yes. I do like Rebrickable very much. Smile  The second point "no Rebrickable" has two main reasons: I miss the annotating feature (at least I couldn't find it): for each set I need several structured, orthogonal fields (where is it, whom does it belong to, where on my disk are the instructions, when did I get it, etc.), and sometimes I have to be at locations without any internet, so it has to be usable offline.
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