6672 Duplo Toolo Windscreen

6672 Duplo Toolo Windscreen

I was wondering if anybody would be so kind as to do the 6672 Duplo Toolo Windscreen because it would be a cool part to use for large scale lego helicopter MOCS. I'm sure people will come up with clever techniques in order to attach it somehow to reguglar lego parts.

I tried to buy two of these parts from bricklink, one was to keep to use in MOCS and the other was to donate to LDRAW part authors but for some reason the shipping/other costs came to like £19 while the parts themselves were literally pennies. (I live in the UK but the seller was from abroad).

Regards, Snipe
RE: 6672 Duplo Toolo Windscreen
I decided to buy it as well as some cool duplo 6x6x5 tires that are not in ldraw yet but will most likley fit on some round lego piece. I will post many images and possibly measurments when they arrive.

Regards, snipe
RE: 6672 Duplo Toolo Windscreen

Here are the pictures:

[Image: 800x600.jpg]

I gotta say, this is one pretty part, since I love large transparent lego pieces and can easily fit 6 sitting minifigs inside as a 2x3 grid.

Now for some rough dimentions (sorry this cant be more specific but I dont have a set of calipers or a 3D scanner.

The gap in the front can fit a 4 lengh tile snugly and is 1 tile deep,

The overall width side to side is 6L, lendth and height depensd where you measure from really.

The little gap above that is just shy of 3.2L plates long and 0.16L deep.

The wall thickness is 0.24L thick.

The 2L wide claw at the back can hold a 2L pin joiner or equivelant but does snot clip onto it of course.

Some of the part is frosted plastic and some of it is not and there is supports lines on the front inside and also on both sides near the hole.

The hole is a pain in the butt to work with, nothing I have tried, system , technic, semi-technic seems to fit just right,

More phoros are here: https://bricksafe.com/pages/snipe/6672
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